Tasty Travels: Apple Strudel, Austria

We all know that apple pie is one of the most American non-American apple treat, but Austria has its own tasty apple pastry that’s lighter and has a name that’s as fun to say as it is to eat the dish. Apple Strudel is a food item with a crispy pastry dough that’s stretched quite thin over a variety of spices and fruits like cinnamon, raisins, rum, lemon, cloves, and, of course, apple. But where did the strudel come from?
Many people would argue that strudel is solely a German creation, but the dish resonates with Austria so much that it’s even listed as one of their national dishes . It’s sweet smell, delicious medley of fruits, and the peppering of cinnamon easily makes this part of any aspiring travel foodie’s must-try list.
But does strudel have to only stay within apple territory solely? Seems like it doesn’t have to. Some strudels can be filled with a variety of berries, apricots, and more, extending the range of deliciousness you can expect from this simple yet succulent food item. But even with all these varieties of fruit strudels, nothing can truly top the deliciousness of the sweet yet tart apples baked to a warm and delicious treat for locals and visitors to enjoy.