Tasty Travels: Burmese Biryani, Myanmar

Rice is a staple dish in many southeast Asian countries, so you can imagine a lot of dishes can sometimes revolve around this grain-type food item. It’s plain flavor can be accented with so many different types of spices and foods, from savory meat toppings to fiery spices mixed in. The Burmese Biryani is one such rice dish that’s recognized as a mouthwatering Myanmar, a mix of meats, spices, and the all-important white grain that makes up a good portion of the meal.
Biryani is not wholly a creation solely of Myanmar, however, and actually owes its origins to Indian culture. But even with its different land of origin the Biryani has become a part of Burmese culture. It is very much similar to the Indian variation, but some ingredients are cooked differently, such as the chicken and the addition of cashews.
The typical Biryani is mostly made of chicken and rice, with spices like turmeric, saffron, paprika, ginger, masala powder and much more. Because it is in a rice form, it's usually scooped and placed on a plate or bowl. But it's possible to pack this rice dish into a compact shape if cooked sticky enough. But no matter what form it’s in, it’s definitely worth giving this fantastic rice dish a taste when given the chance.