Tips for Travel in Austria

If “The Sound of Music” movie is anything to go by, Austria is a magical land that can be a fun destination to add to your global itinerary. But like every fantastic travel destination, traveling there might require a bit of preparation on your part as a traveler. Worry not! We’ve got some handy tips to make your Austria trip an interesting and stress-free one.
Packing for the occasion
Because of its many different seasons, packing your luggage based on the time of your travels or the type of activities. Hardy boots make for some handy footwear when you plan on exploring the countryside while a comfy swimsuit makes for a great outfit for summer lake swims.
Dine on time
Dining times in Austria are similar to the U.S. dinner times, between 5:30 to 7:30 is about the busiest hours for outdoor dining. Keep this in mind when it comes to eating out for an authentic Austrian meal. Its status as a melting pot of culture also means that a variety of dishes might be found around the area as well, all with large portions that big eaters may appreciate.
Know your transportation
Buses, trains, and bikes are some of the more popular ways to travel around the country, so make sure your shoes are made for walking (or standing). Trains are the fastest ways to travel between towns and towns but are pricier, buses have a little more range compared to trains (connecting to villages, lakes, etc.), and renting a bike for a ride is probably the most interesting and memorable method to try.
Juggling the budget
While it isn’t as pricey as some European places like Copenhagen or Paris, staying in the Austrian capital of Vienna can still be pretty pricey. But there are ways you can enjoy what that country has to offer. Some museums allow free entry on certain days (a bit of research will need to be made) and Opera tickets can be discounted if bought around an hour before the show. Look into these type of deals and save, save, save!
Electricity expectations
As expected, US-based electrical devices will need a specific plug that will help regulate energy between the different energy outputs and requirements for your devices. Digital devices like laptops or cellphones can regulate the electricity by themselves, but smaller electrical devices like shavers or your hair dryer might not be lucky. Buy cheaper items while there already.
Look into a trip to Austria today and make sure you have these tips listed down so you can ensure your journey to the country will have less tension and more enjoyable moments you can keep into memory.