Global News: Discovering Australia, Major Travel Awards for the Philippines, and more!

Tasmania: Discovering Amazing Australia
Who would’ve thought that the small island of Tasmania would be a wellspring of wonderful Australian experiences? It’s surprising such a small place that used to have little to nothing back then would become a booming part of Australia’s tourism and offer visitors the chance to explore the Land Down Under’s wilder side.
The Philippines secures Major Awards at 2019 World Travel Awards
The tropical archipelago has received notable renown in this year's World Travel Awards held in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. The Department of Tourism has garnered some fantastic titles and awards that shine the local tourism scene in a positive light and give travelers even more reasons to add the Philippines as a destination on their list of places to journey towards.
8 Affordable Canadian Destinations When Traveling Alone
During travels, sometimes, having fun depends on the people you’re with or the travel destinations you’re going to visit. But what if you’re planning to take on a journey all by yourself? How are you supposed to have fun? Well, if Canada is on your must-travel list, you got yourself some great opportunities! Plan your Canadian tour itinerary and discover the perfect places you can enjoy by yourself on a budget.
The World Below Mexico City
What's a better way to spend your vacation than time-traveling? Even though it’s a metaphorical take, going down seven meters below Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City is an enchanting experience. Seeing the anachronistic charm of Mexican relics, you will instantly feel like you’re traveling to the past. Consequently, as archaeologists unravel more of the world beneath, they found out that it's not limited only to the cathedral. With the hope to locate the Tenochtitl├ín, the Urban Archaeology Program has been persuasively excavating an area of 500 sq.m. from the center of the city.