Global News: Experienced Hawaii advice, October Festivals in South Korea, and more!

Bits of advice for an economical Hawaiian trip
Hawaii is one of the travel destinations that everyone's dreaming to tick off their bucket list. You might even be fantasizing about it too, yet, you're still puzzled about enjoying the tour without sacrificing lunches for the upcoming weeks. Whether you're a first-timer or it’s been a while since your last pricey trip Hawaii, some advice can help relieve your budget worries. Jot down these thrifty pointers from travelers who have already explored Hawaii.
Attractive October festivals in South Korea
Known as a land of trends, music, and dramatic tv shows, South Korea has grown in popularity in recent decades. Because of this, travels to the Asian country has increased. It might be fun to know that the upcoming month of October has its fair share of interesting celebrations and events you might be able to catch if you’re traveling to South Korea within the month. Check them out and see which ones you might be able to attend.
Places to get some autumn sun in Europe
Autumn vacations are supposed to feel carefree, nostalgic, and playful--that includes warming your skin with an appropriate amount of sunlight. Fortunately, there are numerous travel locations in Europe to acquire your much-needed "vitamin sun." Refer to this list and plan your travel itinerary across the continent.
Philippine Tourism Celebrates Fresh New Phase
The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) has unveiled its newest campaign, “The Tourism Decade”. This does not only updates the current state of the DOT but also commemorates Republic Act No. 9593, a Tourism Act introduced in 2009. What will the new age of Philippine Tourism show us next?