Global News: Informing Prague of Philippine fun, Street food faves in Edinburgh, and more!

Prague students discover why it's the fun in Philippine travel
The Philippine archipelago has always encouraged the world to discover the tropical treasures and wonders within. Now it’s Prague’s turn to learn about the magic hidden away within its shores. Tourism students got to experience a little bit of the Philippine culture, history and more during an interactive session at a local school.
15 Best Street Food Places in Edinburgh, Scotland
If something's to be known for Scotland, it's the fancy touch of their landscapes, monarchic history, and luxurious meals. But as a traveler whose after the happenings and views in Scotland, you don't wanna spend a little too much on food. Stay on the budget without settling for a mediocre taste. Get familiar with street food places in Scotland and savor a hearty snack!
Get a View of the Japanese City Lights and Rural Ryokan from These Hotels
Japan is one of the most aesthetic places in Asia. From anime, online games, to cosplay conferences, Japan is the place to be. If you're planning to visit this country, you can indulge in a breathtaking view just outside your window. Whether you’re into neon lights, booze stalls, and skyscrapers or maybe you're the type of person who prefers the calmness of sakura and autumn leaf, these Japanese hotels reviewed by travel experts might be nice for you.
Females try taking the lead in the Asian tour guide industry
In Asia, the tour guide industry is mostly dominated by men. But in a generational shift, countries like Cambodia and Vietnam’s women are taking the chance to take the reins when it comes to showcasing the beauty and wonder of their respective lands. Will prejudices on their gender be present? Most likely. But gender won’t stop these ladies from pushing the envelope for equality when it comes to the travel industry.