Global News: Small Population Asian City, Digitally Recreated Europe History, and more!

Asian Cities, Tiny Populace
When we think of Asia, we usually think “dense populations”. But some of these Asian cities aren’t all about the number of people living in them. If you’re interested in knowing some places within Asia that don’t have the stereotypical big city crowds, you’d do well to get to know these interesting places for yourself.
Look Back to Europe's Past Through Digital Eyes
Ever wondered what past structures and cities in Europe may have looked like in their heyday? Well, wonder no more because soon you’ll be able to use Time Machine to see these wonders in days past. What’s that? No, not that kind of time machine. Using AI programs and digital tools, you may soon be able to visually teleport yourself into the days of old before these places were ravaged by the forces of time.
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Experience the Picturesque Autumn in Japan
It can’t be helped but be fancied by the vibrant transition of colors whenever seasons change in Japan. Especially during the autumn season, the field becomes filled with a solemn explosion of red and yellow plant litter. It’s definitely instagrammable! Capture your perfect shot and get your cheat sheet of the best places to experience autumn in Japan.
Avoid Getting Sick on Your Next Trip
Vacations are meant for relaxation, peace of mind, and adventure. When you’re not at your best health, it’s quite difficult to enjoy the breathtaking views, tasty delicacies, and fun activities. So protecting yourself from getting sick is an important step on your journey. Get a dose of handy travel tips that will ensure excellent health condition for your next trip.