Global News: Van Gogh's Art Comes to Life, Royal Jetlag Tips, and more!

Multi-Sensory Art Museum featuring Van Gogh
Regardless if you’re an art enthusiast or not, this multi-sensory van Gogh art experience will surely amaze you! Vincent van Gogh, an infamous Dutch post-impressionist painter, has garnered patronage from all over the world. Some of his known paintings are Starry Night, Irises, and his self-portrait. These artworks are typically exhibited in museums and books. But with the revolutionary multimedia technology installed in Manila, you can experience a higher sensory immersion with his delicate creations. Aesthetic images shown in huge screens and serene sounds to top it off would be a perfect date! Visit Van Gogh Alive and be mesmerized!
Beat Jetlag the Queen’s Wayr
While we all love traveling, it can be helped but be bummed because of jetlag, right? Your body clock’s all over the place, and you might be annoyed about having a difficult time sleeping because you barely slept to check-in for your flight! Worry no more because the Royal Queen (yes, you read it right!) have a few secrets that might help you cope with that problem.
Expert opinions on Australia’s eco-friendly resorts on a budget
Everybody values some expert opinions, so when it comes to finding the most affordable nature-friendly resorts in the Land Down Under, it definitely helps to have the valuable opinion of somebody who knows their stuff. Be in the know of which green accommodation is worth your time!
Set Your Sights on an Amazing North Carolina Bridge Attraction
Hope you aren’t afraid of heights because this attraction is a must-see! This massive bridge (228 ft) over a massive chasm (80 ft) gives an impressive view that is definitely worth taking a look at. Both the sights and the experience are definitely something you’ll remember for a lifetime.