Hotel Review- BA Script- One Vittoria Hotel: Exploring Antiquity

If Ilocos is known for anything, it's the sight of well-preserved buildings. Once you’ve settled into your room at the One Vittoria Hotel, prepare for a fun adventure to the past.

The most prominent stop is Calle Crisologo, a street lined with Spanish-style structures from days long gone. You’ll be able to buy interesting souvenirs or explore local museums too.

If you’re looking for historic architecture, you might want to head to Paoay Church. It’s enormity contains years of history and is surrounded by interesting stores as well.

If beautiful structures are your thing, go visit the pristine MalacaƱang of the North. This property belonged to former President Marcos and has a variety of antique furniture.

But it's not just the large attractions you have to look out for. Small ones like the mysterious Sinking Bell Tower can be a delightful stop along your way, too.

By this point, you might be hungry after all that walking around. Check out and snack on local delights like the must-try bagnet or the ever-popular carrot cake!

While in Calle Crisologo, take a break at the 1995 Studio Cafe with delectable drinks and treats. Marsha’s Delicacies is another must-visit place, with tasty snacks to bring to the folks back home.

There are many things to discover during your visit to this region full of old relics and heritage structures. If you want to learn about Philippine history, give Ilocos a visit!

Until next time, enjoy your travels.

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