Tasty Travels: Lassi, India

Despite knowing its tropical hot and arid climate, you can never deny that India has a varied range of spectacular destinations. From the romantic Taj Mahal to the architecturally pleasing Lotus Temple, this country is definitely not a travel spot to miss! Besides that, Indian foods are known for its flavorful dishes and diverse collection of spices. So be ready to test your chili tolerance. If not, let this must-try beverage quench your thirst and even out those chili flakes.

Lassi, considered a national cuisine, is similar to yogurt drinks and smoothies considering its taste. Historically speaking, lassi originated from the heart of Punjab, India. Because of its palatability, this must-try liquid refreshment has reached the hearts of people from European countries such as Great Britain and nearby nations.

If you’re feeling a little playful, you can trust that this Indian cuisine is versatile enough. You can pick from mango-flavored to salted mint mix of lassi. If you want a subtle punch of spiciness, you can request a spicy lassi which usually comes with fresh mint, yogurt, salt and water, and spices of your choice. Not only it accommodates your sweet tooth but it also allows you to enjoy some savory zing. Really, it depends on what you want! Aside from this, drinking lassi has many health benefits including enhanced digestion, protein-booster, lowering cholesterol levels, and rich calcium provider.

So go ahead, and try different lassi recipes!

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