Tasty Travels: Sambos, Madagascar

Imagining a trip to Madagascar means simulating the thrill that comes along with it. From surviving the long treks in the forest and trying the most extreme activities, to sightseeing in the wilderness of the country, it is indeed a proactive experience. As such, these physical activities demand decent food. So while you’re on-the-go, your food needs to be as convenient to bring. Available along the road and nutritious enough to provide energy, Malagasy’s famous treat got you covered! Sambos, or beef samosas, are deep-fried triangular snacks from Madagascar stuffed with different savory fillings. A nice twist is that you can get it anywhere from restaurants to streetside!
Worldwide, there are similar foods comparable to sambos. This includes sanbusak (Central Asia and western China), samushak (ancient Sanskrit), and sanbusaj (Arabia). This traditional delicacy did not originate from Madagascar. The locals only started making sambos when the Indian merchants introduced this appetizing dish during the 18th century. Gradually, enjoying sambos has been integrated into the Malagasy’s daily culture and has become a signature delicacy. Even though this exquisite food became something “normal” within the community, did you know that sambos used to be eaten by the noble-blooded Arabians? Thus, you might get an impression of “royalty” oozing from your first bite regardless of snacking with your bare hands.
Aside from being historically interesting, sambos are also exciting to eat because of a variety of components to choose from. You can mix any ingredients that you might think of, maybe add in your favorite protein meat and a handful of veggies! Usually, it is packed with potatoes, meat, and peas. But if you really want to taste a preferred flavor, Malagasy locals would suggest adding strong spices such as ginger and peppers.
Collect memories in Madagascar and partner it with the town’s favorite snack!