Tasty Travels: Sikwate, Bohol (Philippines)

No other food can better give you that warm fuzzy feeling than drinking a nice cup of hot chocolate. Its delicate flavor will immediately take you back to that coziness you probably felt from home. Thus, if you’re looking for a vacation place that offers this kind of beverage, you might wanna check out Bohol’s authentic farm-grown cocoa tablea (a Spanish word for tablet) product. From this carefully planted and harvested yield, Boholanos make the best-tasting sikwate.

Sikwate is the term used by Boholanos to call their hot chocolate. Historically, sikwate is a Cebuano impression of the Spanish word "chocolate." Cebuanos, who are strongly related to Boholanos, learned cacao farming techniques as Spain occupied the country.

So how do they do it? To perfect this local merienda (afternoon snack) treat, Boholanos manually whisk the cacao mixture using a traditional wooden stirrer called bartidor. Boholanos patiently whisk it until the mixture forms a bubble on top. No wonder sikwate has that rich consistency and uniquely blended sweetness! While smelling the aromatic heaven of sikwate, this beverage makes a great combo with the bread of your choice and even dried fish. Sikwate is a delicacy you should look forward to for your next trip to Bohol.