Your Next Sweet Escape: Mt. Purro Nature Reserve

For many adults, having a career to take care of is no joke. However, it is also important that each one of us has a refreshing break for all the hard work we do daily. Urban life, being highly fast-paced, has taken a toll on our state of mind and being. It has become too routinary that we’d do anything just to break away from it. Anything at all! Even just for a little while, going on an adventure might give you a breather from your typical day-to-day life! In that case, the Mt. Purro Nature Reserve (MPNR) might be the perfect plan for your sweet escape!

This sanctuary is located in the foothills of Sierra Madre Mountain Range, at the very heart of Marikina Watershed. Despite the steep and muddy roads on the way to Mt. Purro, you won’t regret enduring some minor inconveniences as soon as you arrive at their receiving area. 

After all, it’s a time to say yes to adventure! Once you set foot on the grounds of Mt. Purro, you’ll immediately be transported to a nostalgic and traditional period as it imbibes a serene impression. From the receiving cabin’s sets of wooden furniture, framed quotations about life and nature, bamboo decorations, and a roof made of cogon, you’ll surely reminisce about your childhood visit to your family’s province.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be charmed by the hospitable smiles of pure-blood Dinagats!

And now, as your escapade is about to commence, you might want to make sure you have enough energy. Be inspired to conquer any challenging MPNR activities by filling your stomach with some hearty and organic home-cooked meals at Loli’s kitchen located just across the receiving area.

Having that first meal at Loli’s can indeed give off that homey ambiance.
Spoil yourself in an authentically-designed hut kitchen and dining room in Loli’s kitchen with buffet-style Pinoy dishes such as chicken adobo, salted egg, misua noodles with sponge gourd, dalandan juice (citrus fruit), mustard leaves salad, turones, tilapia (St. Peter’s fish), Pinoy beef steak, and bitter gourd.

This mouthwatering menu might not sound special at first. Nonetheless, each recipe is delicately cooked in an old-fashioned manner using hand-made pottery. The steamed eggplant is so fave-worthy that once you take a nice bite of it, the roasted taste and a gentle pinch of saltiness is sure to tantalize your tongue!
After satisfying your tummy, isn’t it the perfect time to satisfy your adventurous self?

You can begin your Mt. Purro escapade with a river excursion. As you arrive in this sanctuary, you will be lured in after hearing the tranquil whispers of the currents coming from the Bunsuran falls. The sound of the waterfall splashing against the rock pebbles is kind of therapeutic too! Just remember to wear the proper attire before leaving your house. You wouldn’t want to miss taking a dip in that clear and bluish-green waters!

Next, tourists in Mt. Purro are usually enthusiastic about hiking. If you’re interested, you have three levels of difficulty to choose from. The easy one typically lasts for half an hour to 45 minutes in total. This level best fits newbies in hiking. If you’re up for something in between, try the medium hike. This usually takes an hour or so in total. For the highest level, the third peak (hard) is an hour up and another hour down. Your blood will get pumping after this!

Trivia: The oldest hiker to reach the third peak is an 83-year old man (without any hiking stick!)

Aside from climbing the mountain, you will enjoy the company of a hospitable Dinagat tour guide. From the entire history of the nature reserve to the various plants species you might come across along the way, a Dinagat will generously provide you the info you need.

Upon traversing the sloped path of the mountain, you will be surprised by the vegetables planted on its fertile soil. From coffee trees, rambutan, to bilukaw (used by the community as an alternative of Sampaloc in sinigang), it is evident that the nature reserve is well-taken care of. If you’re interested in agroforestry, or just fascinated by the idea of producing your own food, this hike will show you impressive indigenous techniques.

If you’re still flowing with an extreme rush, there are other activities that we totally recommend! Complete your Mt. Purro Nature Reserve experience with a rush on the mini-zipline, cultural immersion with the locals, or just stay over to their cozy cabins while rekindling togetherness with your loved ones.

Nipa hut-inspired cottages near the swimming pool are always available if you just want to relax and appreciate the rural winds. If you have kids, you can also let them play on MPNR’s Nature Playscape.

In case these activities do not fit your ideal escapade well, you can choose other packages such as: Forest Family Getaway, Barkada Nature Trip, Tree Hugger’s Experience, Romantic Mountain Retreat, Quick Camping Adventure, and many more!

Nice to Know!

Toto Malvar, the owner of Mt. Purro Nature Reserve, was able to witness the devastating effects of floods during typhoons Ondoy, Yolanda, and Lucille. Due to incidences, he realized the importance of trees in mitigating floods.

He decided to enrich the natural reserves of Mt. Purro after seeing its potential of supplying enough water for the community and to prevent life-threatening floods to happen again.

Today’s MPNR is not his sole work, in fact, it was hugely through the help of Dinagats, the local indigenous people. They shared their ancestral knowledge to preserve and develop the site. The Dinagat community and MPNR relationship centers on GNP. Their GNP is not about the gross national product. They mentioned that their measurement of development is God, Nature, and People.

Some of their advocacies include: preserving the environment, regulating a sustainable watershed, providing employment opportunities for the community, and sponsoring an academic scholarship for the community’s youth.