Thrifty Hacks for a Canadian Tour

September is over and the Indian summer is slowly being felt within Canada this October! Characterized by heavily pigmented hues of gold and red, the Great White North is a visual wonder during autumn. Aside from that, this country is also a place for winter lovers due to it being a tundra biome. There’s more to offer from visiting Canada aside from the breathtaking sights. Even with all this wonder to discover you should still be careful about handling your bank account because your savings go beyond your vacation time. Here are some thrift hacks that can help you save your wallet from running empty:
Book During Off-Seasons
Oftentimes, a large number of tourists flow into Canada within the months of late April to early October because of winter. Even if falling snow or wearing fashionable winter clothes aren’t your thing, you can still book an amazing trip on the off-season (and it’s way cheaper!). The months of July to September would be a reasonable date to book your vacation to avoid the crowds of winter-enthusiast tourists.
Avoid Splurging on Snacks
Aside from the iridescent sceneries from your vacation, food is the next item that you might want to think about. As a tourist, happily lost in an unfamiliar place, it can be hard for you to control the urge of trying all possible snacks and local delicacies. It’s easy to say your visit to Canada might be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. As a piece of friendly advice, it might be practical to pack your own snacks that you can munch on for the day. Or, to avoid impulsive purchasing of food, make a food plan to stop overspending.
Include Free Destinations in Your Itinerary
Paying extra bucks to see particular tourist spots might be too much for your travel budget. Without compromising your tour experience in Canada, you can still save a little cash for other activities, foods, or souvenirs. You can add some places in your itinerary that can be visited for free. Some interesting sites that you can consider are the Art Gallery of Ontario, Sunnyside Park, and Graffiti Alley.
Stay with Friends/Relatives
Most of the time, hotel accommodation expenses may take the most out of the travel budget. However, your time is often spent outside because the only things that you need from your hotel is a place for sleeping and eating. An alternative is either purchase a rental accommodation or look for some friend or relative that would be glad to offer a few days to stay under their roof. Imagine the conversations you might have with them! A chance to rekindle your bonds.
Refrain from Purchasing Overpriced Souvenirs
As a tourist, souvenirs can be a reminder of a past travel experience or just something you can give as a gift to your loved ones to tell them you remember them even from the other side of the world. But, let’s be honest, some souvenirs are way too pricey when compared to its utility or value. Think of the tariffs! To avoid overspending, look for trusted stores that sell this stuff at a reasonable price. Shop like a local!

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