5 Unpopular Cities to Visit in Japan

Aside from their desirable sense of discipline and respect, the Japanese people are also blessed with magnificent travel destinations considering its various cities. 

Tokyo, for instance, might be the most visited tourist spot. From its aesthetically pleasing night lights to the traditional ramen and hotpot shops along the streets, you can never go wrong with choosing Tokyo as your next travel place. But, if you are the type of person who prefers non-mainstream, then, you might wanna check out these cities from Japan. Rediscover the Land of the Rising Sun and demystify its many beauties.


Located at the northwest central of Hokkaido, Japan, Asahikawa is the second largest city across the region. Hidden among its beautifully engineered skyscrapers are multiple attractions. If you want to witness how adorable penguins are or how furry and fluffy polar bears are, Asahikawa will provide you a closer view of these cute animals. To feel rejuvenated, you can sit by the calming Ishikari River as you eat some of your packed snacks.

Feeling quite bored? Have fun around its infamous amusement park and enjoy winter, Asahiyama Yuki-no-Mura. After a cold activity, you can take a slurp of their savory dishes, the Genghis Khan mutton hotpot and ramen.


Known as the Land of Sunshine, Okayama is the second largest city within the Chugoku region.  You'll be welcomed by a harmonious splash of oranges and yellows as you stroll along the Gokei Valley. So, prepare your camera or mobile phone to capture that Instagrammable shot travelers would always love to post. Once done, you can step back into the past by visiting the Black Lacquer castle. Meanwhile, if you want to do some activities with your loved ones, a pottery workshop can also ignite that artistic side in you.


Kawaii (being cute) is definitely one of the best descriptions for anything Japanese. Matsuyama is the largest city on Shikoku and the capital of Ehime Prefecture. Within it is Ehime, where cute feline cats population is higher compared to people. Imagine being surrounded by those little purrs of balls! 

Roam around the Matsuyama town and be at ease riding rickshaws from Dogo Onsen. If you're a train enthusiast, you might want to take a snap of tram replicates. After that, you can also ride the Botchan Train that will surely transport you through time.


Demystify the romantic ambiance of Matsuno Town from Shikoku, Japan. You can also reunite with the beauty of nature as you sightsee along the Nakano Momiji Mountain. Complete this atmospheric feels by participating in Kuroishi Neputa Festival. This event celebrates the beauty of lantern floats which perfectly contrasts against the moonlight of dark blue sky. Indeed, you can collect memories with your loved ones in Matsuno. Bring joy to your home and get yourself some cute Kokeshi dolls!


From the land origin of karate and one of the battlegrounds during World War II, Okinawa is the second largest city in Okinawa Prefecture. You can begin your adventure by starting with a nice walk along the Southeast Botanical Gardens. Be mesmerized by the clear turquoise waters of Zamami Island. As you dive into the beach, you'll see its aquatic diversity.

The list could go on and on. From these charming city places, it’s definitely impossible to run out of choices on your next travel in Japan. So don’t forget to let your hair down and be adventurously spontaneous! Plan your itinerary now and list the activities you want to do in your visit!