Cold Country Travel Fashion

Some people may be fans of the cold and winter time, but not everybody is as thrilled to feel the chill. But just because you’re not a fan of snow and ice, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an adventure across the globe during the winter. Here’s how you can dress to impress while easing those winter woes and fully enjoying your explorations in a winter wonderland.
Thermal wear
Thermal-regulating clothing is definitely something you HAVE to have on you when traveling to a country you know is cold. From underwear to shirts, these specially made garments help regulate the body heat and make keeping warm a little bit easier. Some thermal items are so effective, just putting a sweater on will be enough to keep the chilling frost at bay.
Dark clothes
Making sure you keep warm under your clothes is important, but the color of your outer layers can also matter as well. Dark clothes help absorb what little warmth gloomy winter time, making it easier to absorb precious heat while the thermal wear below keeps it close to your body.from deep maroon to classy black, mix and match dark and light shades to fit your style.
Boots made for walking
Switch sneakers or fancy footwear on your trip for some hardy and handy boots. Think boots might be abit hard to take off in the airport, you can opt for slip-on boots as well. Their tough exteriors and usually high cut can definitely make walks through snow or cold winds a lot more bearable. Couple this with some thick, cozy socks and you’ll be stepping in style while blocking out the frosty breath of the cold season.
Hats, scarves, and gloves aren’t just for looking fancy and put together. They can really help with keeping your body safe from the cares of the winter winds. Hats can keep your ears and head, places sensitive to cold, nicely covered. Leather or wool gloves make sure your handy fingers won’t feel stiff when you need them the most. Lastly, scarves make sure your neck and chin are covered while also blocking the cold from entering your coat through the neckline.
Lip and skincare
It’s not just clothes that need to wear, either. Putting on some chapstick and some lotion to keep your mouth and skin from drying in the icy weather. Some skin types might want to especially be careful as they can be extra susceptible to the drying effects of winter time. Your skin is definitely an important part of any outfit, whether its in mountains covered in snow or the sandy beaches of the tropics.
Clothes aren’t just about appearance. Function and form are two important aspects that any fashionable traveler has to keep in mind while packing for their adventures out in the wide world. So the next time you have a trip coming up, plan ahead and make sure each article can do the double duty of protecting you from the season while still making you look good.