Farm-to-Plate Restaurant Must-Try's

Nowadays, our meals are full of preservatives and artificial flavoring. As a result, our body fails to receive the proper nutrition that it needs. You definitely need to look for something fresh and healthy! Savor a one-of-a-kind dining experience with these remarkable farm-to-plate restaurants and enjoy a delightful flavor straight from the crop bed.


Sugalabo, Tokyo, Japan
Passionate about tasting different cuisines of the world ? Sugalabo might be your top choice among other restaurants. Aside from harvesting their ingredients directly from their own yield, this farm-to-table dining place has a world-class chef/owner, Yusuke Suga. At the age of 16, he had already become a cook protégé and had worked with the renowned Joël Robuchon. After only 10 years as a trainee, he successfully earned an executive chef position in Tokyo. What makes this restaurant one-of-a-kind is that Chef Suga interprets his travel experiences into recipes that will surely inspire their customers.

Indian Accent, New Delhi, India
If anything, Indian Accent takes pride in their “inventive Indian” and “Indian recipe with international accent” style of cooking. Aside from the New Delhi branch, their innovative and global approach to exquisite Indian cuisines has already reached the hearts of foodies from New York to London. To add to that, their recipes are partnered with a seamless presentation that will surely entice your taste buds.


Acre Eatery, Sydney
Who says enjoying freshly harvested food can’t be immersive and interactive? Acre Eatery says it’s totally possible! Excite your appetite with hearty meals while exploring their Camperdown and Eatery Brickworks. Burwood Brickwalls, set to open on December 12, 2019, will be one of the hugest urban agricultural projects of Australia. Meanwhile, Camperdown provides a community space for farming enthusiasts and locals to interact with each other. They also conduct yoga sessions, farming workshops, open sightseeing for all the crops, and more!

Young George, East Fremantle
Whenever a buffet is mentioned, everyone gets excited about tasting all possible treats and dishes. Nonetheless, food wastes are a total no-no! This Australian farm-to-plate restaurant further suggests that cooks should help avoid it too. Their highly-skilled chefs create excellent recipes from the parts of plants that are often thrown out. They also experiment in bringing out that hidden burst of flavor from lesser-known fish species. Reserve your table and try a new taste from this restaurant!


The Pig at Bridge Place
Compared to other restaurants, The Pig at Bridge Place has its own vineyard. From the robust sooth of wine to the subtle kick of champagne, this European food place is a must-visit. As you dine inside, you will get to savor fresh-from-the-farm ingredients on your table. More so, you can also grab a taste of the local meat to experience a dash of countryside cuisine. After finishing your food, you can go around the place to visit The Pig at Bridge Place’s home garden and collection of herbs planted within a 25-mile radius. These crops have been sustainable for years as they constantly consulted with local farmers regarding the seasonality of plants.

Laguiole, France
If you adore surprises and being just creatively adventurous, this premiere farm-to-table restaurant hotel from France will excite you. So, this is how it works: You book a reservation in the Laguiole, sit comfortably on a stylish set of chairs and table, ask for the menu, and another lineup of recipes WILL be available to you! Well, there are choices between combinations of savory entreè, veggies, and sweet treats. But really, Chef Sébastien Bras just loves experimenting! Wallow into the goodness of the restaurant’s dynamic recipes, passed through three generations of Les Bras family. 


Braise, Milwaukee
The U.S. can be a little much when it comes to snacks and meals. Huge burgers, french fries, and large cokes comprise a significant part of the American diet. As a result, this eating behavior has been taking a toll on people's health. If you want to try something natural, take a trip to Milwaukee and check out the nutritious recipes from the Braise. This restaurant harvests their ingredients from their humble farm in Wisconsin (approximately 1.5 hours away from the dining place.) Be entertained as you watch a cooking exhibition in front of the chef’s counter. Finally, acquire knowledge on home gardening and cooking your own crops with the on-site culinary school at Braise. 

Juniper in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Over 2000 meticulously crafted recipes from 2011 until now, the Juniper in Tulsa farm-to-plate restaurant has served countless customers who savored a satisfying experience. After a delightful meal, you can chill to your heart’s desire and take a sip from the elegant touch of homemade wines. If you want something different, you can also try the specially arranged menu inspired by the Performing Arts Center in Tulsa.

Give these restaurants a go! Aside from getting the health benefits of consuming fresh ingredients, a farm-to-plate meal will surely offer you a hint of your travel destination’s naturally grown foods.