Global News: Full Japanese travel itinerary, Duty Free Launch in Manila, and more!

Chart an Amazing Japan Adventure!
We all know Japan as a country with a culture unique in the world. Being a place with ancient traditions mingling with modern technological advances, you can expect that japan has so many different and amazing places to travel to. But which ones do you HAVE to see on your travels there? It takes a bit of planning for you to get the perfect itinerary that every type of traveler can truly enjoy!
Are Travel Tuesdays a thing?
We all know Cyber Mondays are a thing, the monday after thanksgiving where online shopping becomes a big deal. But what if there was something similar to that but for travels across the globe? Well wonder no more because it Travel Tuesdays might become a thing! Since 2017, Travel Tuesdays slowly grew in importance after big travel companies joined under their banner!
New Duty Free Store Launch Signals Christmas Season Starting
Who doesn’t love the idea of great deals when doing some shopping while out on your travels? It’s especially a must while the holidays are nearing! With the opening of a new Duty Free Store in Manila, it also signals the beginning of the holiday season as Christmas starts to crawl closer and closer with each passing day.
Australia: Your new Destination of the Year
Have you ever been interested in visiting the “Land Down Under” for yourself? Well you might want to book your trip earlier because it seems like Australia has been designated the Destination of the Year! In the coming years, Australia is set to make waves when it comes to the travel industry and there’s definitely going to be a lot more eyes on this country when it comes to the next vacation destination for many travelers out there.