Global News: Local European Holiday suggesions, LGBTQI+ friendly South Africa, and more!

Europe Locals Give their Holiday Suggestions
We all know the continent of Europe is full of so many amazing travel hotspots, but who would be better to suggest amazing travel destinations than avid locals living there? From snowy landscapes to charming towns, there’s so much to see! You’ll need all the best advice to craft your perfect European winter tale.
Tasmania Ranks High as the Best Trips in 2020
As we close another chapter towards the end of the year, a new door to explore greater things is also nearing. With that, nothing is more exciting than envisioning your career goals and dream vacation destinations for 2020. As you plot your trips for the year, you might wanna consider visiting Tasmania! Aside from having the cleanest air in the world, the National Geographic enlisted it as one of the best adventure places around the globe.
Warm and Cold Travel Spots in Asia during Winter
We all have our preferences. Either you're a sweater or a summer dress person there's definitely somewhere in the world to slay your fave clothes. More so, there are certain weather conditions in our country homes that we just can't handle. From the excessive sweat days in tropical places to the lip cracks from too low temperatures, it's best to find a vacation spot to help us feel relaxed. Check out this cheat sheet of travel destinations in Asia with warm and cold environments.
South Africa Warmly Welcomes LGBTQI+
As the world becomes more aware and accepting of the LGBTQI+ community, it also learns to become a safer place for people of all walks of life to come and go. South Africa has become one of those countries that hope to give the community a friendly extension of an invitation. Acceptance of diversity is definitely a good sign for the world overall as it becomes a more tolerant and safer place for everybody, especially travelers of different races and orientations.