Global News: Philippine food tourism, Travel relations to the Berlin Wall, and more!

Philippine tourism promotes local dishes
In today's world of travel and tourism, one of the things that bring in the tourists is the attractions, activities, and food! The Philippine tourism board has decided to increase the visibility of the latter, inviting famous Filipino-American chefs to create some amazing creations using local ingredients. Hopefully, this project will help put the spotlight on the amazing flavors of Filipino cuisine while also leveling up the local flavors even further.
Fall of Berlin Wall on How We Travel Today
With the rise of revolutionaries after World War I and II, symbolic resistance began to happen. One of the notable events in history was the Fall of the Berlin Wall. This event manifested as an effect of East Germany's economic declination and oil shortage from Russia's decision to stop its supply. Although this might sound irrelevant today, it's something that travel enthusiasts like you should be knowledgeable about. Discover its impacts on your travel experience today and be in the know of its historic development.
U.S. Travel Spots Left Untouched for A Long Time
In 2018, the U.S. government declared over 1.1 trillion USD gross domestic product from tourism alone. Knowing this, it is undeniable that the U.S. has got many striking travel destinations! Compared to other countries, the nation’s infrastructures are far modern. But isn’t it exciting to visit the classics? Revisit some of the national parks that had transcended the inevitable fate of time. So make sure to include in their itinerary!
Facts and tips when traveling to Australia
When you think of Australia, the thought of kangaroos, giant spiders, crocs, and Aussie slang may be the first things to pop in your head. But the country is so much more from the Australia we see on TV and the internet. Get to know small rules, facts, and tips when planning to travel to the Land Down Under and make your vacation a rousing success.