Hotel Review- Savoy Hotel: Enjoy at your own Pace

On your vacation to Boracay, you don’t usually factor in large crowds when planning your trip. Luckily, there’s a side of the island that harbors the relaxing pace you’ve been seeking.

Newcoast Boracay is a portion of the land that’s refreshing, relaxing, and spacious. There you’ll find Savoy Hotel, a great place to spend your vacation.

At Savoy, you can truly enjoy yourself to the fullest on food, activities, and more.

You can enjoy your dining experience with a variety of foods available. From juicy steaks to chill Halo-halo, one word can describe these meals you can indulge in: Satisfying.

But it’s not just food you can dig into. Some of the fine bars in and outside of the hotel serve all kinds of tasty and colorful spirits you can enjoy indoors or poolside.

“We want them, the moment they step into the restaurant, up until they dine, until they leave our restaurant that they have this feeling of satisfaction.”
- Emet Sendin, Area Head for Food and Beverage

Once you’re fully energized, there are all kinds of fun activities. Make a pizza, groove to some poolside Zumba, and make your way to a private beach to watch the colorful morning sky.

If you miss a bit of the excitement of the main beach, a free shuttle service can easily take you to where all the crowds are. From beach bumming to Paraw sailing, there’s much to do!

Whether you choose to just kick back or feed your excitement with the activities offered, set your own pace and put color into your island visit at Savoy Hotel Boracay!

Until next time, enjoy your travels.

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