Province of the Week: Siquijor, Philippines

Considered a mystical place with many mysteries even today, the island of Siquijor has beautiful scenes and spaces that are perfect for your next adventure to the Philippine archipelago.
Continent: Asia
Other names: Island of Fire
Capital: Municipality of Siquijor
Language(s): Tagalog, Cebuano, Spanish, English
Current political leader: Governor: Zaldy Villa
Currency: Philippine peso
Major Religions: Catholic
Famous landmark: St. Francis of Assisi Church, Paliton Beach, Mt Bandila-an, Bandila-an Mountain View Park, Siquijor Heritage Museum
Movies filmed on-location: Siquijor: Mystic Island
Climate: The weather in Siquijor can shift between hot, windy, and overcast. because it is found in a tropical country, you can expect that the weather there will moslty be warm and sunny with rainy seasons stepping in between June and July. The best time to travel to Siquijor for summery activities is within early January to mid April.
Popular festivals: Dilaab Festival, Bugwas Festival, Saging Festival, Lubi Festival, Pamukad Festival, Canoan Festival