Tasty Travels: Bandeja Paisa, Colombia

Aside from being blessed with glorious green gemstones known as Emeralds, Colombia has another treasure for you to discover on your next trip: The gift of delectable food! Have a bite of Colombia's renowned and scrumptious bandeja paisa, an all-in-one platter that is considered to be the country's national dish.

Ironically, this fancy meal which would typically cost you anywhere between 4 USD to 13.50 USD, depending on the mixture of ingredients, used to be considered as food for the poor. Bandeja paisa, famous in many parts of Antioquia in Colombia, served as a nutritious breakfast meal to jump start the morning work of farmers. An extravagant serving of protein, carbohydrates, and good fat completes the overall value of this delicacy.

Tease your taste buds with an explosion of the rich blend of umami flavors, from the plump beans and subtle sweetness of avocado to the touch of fresh herb garnishing when you take a bite out of this dish. Prepare yourself for any travel adventure with this heavy yet healthy dish from Colombia.

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