Tasty Travels: Haggis, Scotland

Creating poetry is a great way to put our precious thoughts and emotions into words. Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to write some poems about the enthralling scenery you see during your tour? Surely, this would add a fantastic thrill to your travel experience of the Scottish Highlands! As you scribble your draft, you might wanna include some lines about the savory Scottish dish known as Haggis.

Haggis is best enjoyed with neeps and tatties (mashed carrots and potatoes) on the side. A subtle burst of the earthy spices and a mixture of oatmeal, onions, and salt musters a festive combination of flavors. The flavor might help vividly translate your vision for that poem! To some who are not familiar with the dish, preparing it might seem quite odd. Traditionally, Scottish locals would cook this tasty delicacy inside a sheep's stomach. It’s definitely a unique method of preparing a meal for yourself and a culturally unique experience.

This Scottish fave is one of the main attractions during the Burns Supper, an annual commemoration of the popular poet, Robert Burns who largely contributed to Scotland's poetry landscape. So grab your pen and activate your creative juices while enjoying this Scottish treat.