Tasty Travels: Shawarma, UAE

A mouthful of earthy and savory decadent. 

Hearing the country name "United Arab Emirates" is almost like listening to the sound of a pile of golden coins clanking against each other.  From its astounding skyscrapers to the Arabs' fully glammed tiger pets, UAE is an epitome of luxury. Aside from that, its architectural buildings and historic travel spots definitely enlist the country to one of the must-visit places.

If you're looking forward to explore the UAE cuisine yet needs to stay within the budget, this delicacy is a perfect start! Shawarma is a savory goodness wrapped inside a slightly toasted flatbread. Its fillings are a mixture of juicy meat, vegetables and pickles, piquant spices, and a squirt of delicately blended sauce. Basically, a sandwich overloaded with flavors!

Although, you can definitely experiment on the ingredients that you want to include in your Shawarma--an add on of salty cheese maybe! If you want an extra hint of taste, you can side this dish with some french fries or even a fresh salad. You can never go wrong with this Middle Eastern fave! Go munch over a nearby shawarma shack as you travel in UAE and bring those happy food memories with you as you go home!