Thanksgiving Traditions to Try

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without big feasts and family or friends. But Thanksgiving isn’t bound to just sumptuous feasts or meeting up with your loved ones. You can try making your own little traditions as well to make your Thanksgiving a little more distinct from everybody else’s.
Movie Magic
Nothing makes a holiday feel more satisfying than just curling up and relaxing after long school and work days. What’s one fun way to relax with a large number of people? How about a relaxing movie marathon! List some of your favorite movies that feel Autumn appropriate and have everybody vote on the top 3 you want to watch through the evening.
Thankful Time Capsule
It’s no surprise that people change as the years go by. But, like a potted plant, it can be an experience to observe changes too. Find a way to record each person’s wish of thanks and keep it for next year and see what you all used to be thankful for! You can hang small cards on some twine or write it all down on some big paper.
Searching for Fun
If easter egg hunting can be a fun holiday searching game, why not try it for a fun holiday like Thanksgiving too? Give all the willing participants a list of items (or just clues about the items to make it more challenging) and set them out to search! You can even include a special prize like a full pumpkin pie or some fancy new gloves to really sweeten this once-a-year event.
Pre-meal exercise
You can’t enjoy a meal without being hungry, so grab your crew and head to the nearest park or trail for a pre-meal hike. Some of the tech-savvy members may prefer to stay home, but let them take their phones for music or even photo opportunities while on the go. Really breathe in the fresh air and brace the mild chill to make the coming meal feel even more delicious.
Getting Board
If all else fails or seems like too much effort, some board or group games can really liven up a gathering without needing much to set it up. From the competitive economy of Monopoly to the focus needed to play Jenga, there’s sure to be a game everybody will want to play and you won’t notice time slipping by with all the conversations, laughs, and cheers.
Adding on your own little twists and trimmings to your favorite holidays makes them even more special, making them events you’ll be excited to celebrate or return to once the new year rolls in. What kind of tradition will you start this year?