Travel Taboos to Avoid

Exploring the world may be one of your biggest dreams if you love to travel (or even just the idea of traveling in the future). But just like there are different ways of dealing with different food stains, there are just as many ways you could accidentally offend somebody from another culture. From eating habits to your actions in public, here are some great tips you can learn to avoid faux pas while out and about traveling the globe.
Chopstick Care
While most people might not care about the way they leave their chopsticks during meals, many Asian countries may find the position of the chopsticks important. If you don’t want to gain the ire of Japanese folks, lay your chopsticks flat on top of the bowl instead of inside of them. In places like China , avoid pointing at other people using the chopsticks too.
Mosque Manhandling
Mosques are definitely a must-visit destination in countries with religions that revere them. Their architectural beauty and cultural importance make them a prime subject for photographs. But you could easily forget some important to-dos that might get you some dirty looks by the locals. When visiting, men and women should plan an outfit that covers a lot of skin. For ladies, long length skirts and covering of hair might be needed depending on the region.
Cancel Kissing in Public
If there are some things Cheshire of UK won’t allow, its loiterting, very intimate conversations, and kissing in public. While it may be okay in other countries, keep your private affairs just that: private. While it may feel overly conservative, respecting a different culture is a duty and responsibility that any good traveler needs to uphold.
Beer Blasphemy
In Hungary, it's not illegal to drink a mug of brew, it’s surprisingly taboo for you to clank your mugs and shout “Cheers!” This actually dates back to the year 1848 when the country celebrated a dark event where Austria celebrated the death of Hungarian rebels at the time. Because they clinked mugs and shouted, cementing the status of this practice in their history forever.
Royal Mistakes
In Thailand , making fun of the Royal Family is considered a federal offense even to this day. Keep the subjects of local politics, especially negative opinions, off the table or you might get into more trouble than it's worth. It can be especially dangerous in public areas like bars where people can easily hear you.
No matter where you go, being civil and learning the do’s and don'ts of each new country is a must if you want to avoid embarrassing yourself or even getting into a big dispute you aren’t ready for. Doing some research on the rules and laws of a destination you’re visiting is a definite must!