Country of the Week: Monaco

An impeccable backdrop of the sea horizon. A cascading transition of blues.

Embrace the cool breeze of Monaco and chill by the sea coasts! Known for its vibrant waters and iconic Monte-Carlo, this country is a film shot haven for Hollywood producers. Get to know more about Monaco with these exciting trivial bites!

Other title(s): The Principality of Monaco
Continent: Europe
Most Populous City: Monte Carlo (quartier); Bas Moulins (ward)
Current Political Leader: Prince Albert II
Language(s): French
Currency: Euro
Major Religions: Roman Catholic
National Symbol:
Coat of Arms- As a reflection of Roman Catholicism and their form of government, Monaco's include two identical friars facing each other while holding a sword. The whole coat of arms is embraced by a red cloak with a golden crown atop. On the lower part, a banner with a text "Deo Juvante" which means "With God's help" is added.
Three national animals- European hedgehog, rabbit, wood mouse

Famous landmark: Casino Monte-Carlo, Prince's Palace of Monaco, Fort Antoine,  Oceanographic Museum, Napoleon Museum, Exotic Gardens

Movies/series filmed: Iron Man 2, Grace of Monaco, Never Say Never Again, Justice League, Gran Prix, Fifty Shades Freed, Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies

Famous people: Léo Ferré, Sebastian Prieto, Didier Marouani, Louise Hippolyte (Princess of Monaco, Daniel Elena, Jean-Pierre Siri, David Tomatis

Climate: Unlike other European places, Monaco has a warm and temperate climate. Found along the Mediterranean coast, it basically has mild weather. Considering its average annual temperate, Monaco records a 58.64°F atmospheric temperature while it can also spike to approximately 79°F. Consequently, its precipitation or rainfall ranges from 18 mm to 118 mm. From hot and dry summers to averagely wet winters, Monaco can offers a variety of fun activities. 

Popular festivals: International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo, The Spring Arts Festivals, Monaco Music Film Festival, International Festival of Amateur Theatre, Monaco Yacht Show