Global News: Hot Holiday Destinations, Festive Suspension Bridges, and more!

Vacation Destinations to Heat Up your Holidays
December has arrived and the cold has begun to blanket the air around the Western region of the world. While some people would welcome this winter season with open arms, not everybody will accept the sudden introduction of chill and frost that annually comes around yearly. But you don’t have to sit in silence and endure the freezing temperatures. Why not book yourself a tropical trip and hop on that plane once you’ve found the perfect warm destination to travel to.
Travel Experts Talk 2020 Travel Trends
Trends come and go and what could be outdated then might be in again on a later date. This 2020, it might pay to get in the know of what must-try travel. Whether it’s the sights to see, places to be, or types of transportation to try, it adds a little something fun and fresh to your limited vacation time. So pick a few and get cracking to make the adventure more memorable.
Underwater Hotel: The Great Barrier Reef
People enjoy having an aquarium inside our bedroom, receiving area, or a fish pond in the garden. Undeniably, having a sea creature to observe floating across the water can be a fun way to spend your time. Elevate that experience and book a hotel stay underwater! Plunge into a luxurious and scenic accommodation as you dine, sleep, and relax along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!
NA’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge is lit up for the holidays
It’s the time of the year again. People are on-the-buzz finding the perfect gifts for their loved ones and decorating their homes with lights to brighten up the spirit of Christmas. In North America, the longest pedestrian suspension bridge was decorated. To resonate with the spirit of celebration, people have set up some amazing Christmas lights along the path. This decoration will lit up for the entire holidays and will surely excite the people as the 25th approaches even closer.